Yoga Campers Unite!

I am speed blogging from the MINDBODY booth at the Yoga Journal in Estes Park, Colorado while everyone is in classes. I arrived in the glorious Rocky Mountains Wednesday night after the Big Burrito Fiasco at Phoenix Airport. The Fiasco went something like this: “No tortillas at a burrito stand? What?!?! Ok, I’ll have a bowl. Why are there 5 people back there but only one person is making food? Oops, my burrito bowl goes down! Just give me some food, my flight is leaving, I’m starving and going to bite your head!” Then, our booth goes missing so we have no sales materials to hand out to prospective clients of our software. My talk at the Business of Yoga was magnificent though, of course. I shared Guerilla Marketing strategies. To market yourself as a teacher or small yoga business you should create a Simple Postcard and distribute it (think simple yoga pose, website, done), offer a killer Introductory Offer to get people into your business ($40 for first month of yoga), a competitively and appropriately priced Monthly Membership ($90/month for unlimitted yoga, wooooowwww), and if appropriate, train your staff to sell. That’s it. Do it and you’ll be successful.

Then on to the fun part, taking yoga classes. I accidentally went to a Vira practice (i.e. fire, active, sweaty yoga) with Shiva Rea this morning. “Great, 108 prostration push-ups first thing in the morning” crossed my mind. I survived it. In fact, I did more than survive. I feel great after, don’t feel so sore I want to cry or nap, (not yet at least).  I took it a bit easy, the 8010 feet elevation has me huffing and puffing like a smoker. She talked about how we sometimes have to step into the fire to initiate change. Often you’ll be in the midst of a shit storm thinking, “why am I here”, like I was this morning, but you survive it, and often you feel better afterward. I was reminded of my current yoga philosophy, “less is so much more”.

I also attended a class on Ayurveda and Weight Loss with John Doulliard.  It was great! He went into the science of digestion in detail, showing the stress and problems compromised digestion creates in the body. He recommends eating with the seasons, eating wholesome, clean foods that are appropriate for your “type”. To lose weight, improve digestion, calm your mood, and get healthy and more energy he suggested the following tips.  Only moving on in the steps if you can very comfortably adjust to the step above it:  (1) 3 Meals a Day, No Snacks, (2) Smaller Supper, (3) Earlier Supper, (4) Skip Supper.

Now, I don’t want anyone getting crazy and doing those things immediately, but if you’ve ever had a problem with weight, or even if not, Ayurveda is an amazing system of health and wellness.  Check out his website or books for more info.  Some of my favorite quotes from his lecture:

“If we’re not digesting greasy foods well, isn’t it naive to think we’re digesting healthy food well, and getting the vital vitamins and nutrients they provide?”
“Just eating well is not going to be enough. We need to ensure that our digestion and detox channels are working smoothly. Many metals and toxins from youth can live in the fat cells for decades.”
“You’re just old and must take digestive enzymes forever. I hate that. It’s a total crock!”
“When stressed the body thinks, this is an emergency, store fat, crave sugar.”
When asked what about eating 6 meals a day and keeping the metabolism roaring he replied, “Why should our metabolism be on high all day? It’s unnecessary and it wasn’t designed to be that way. We have lost our ability to digest large meals. If we eat a meal and crash shortly thereafter, we think we shouldn’t eat that much again, but that’s not exactly the problem. We just can’t digest it due to years of abuse. We’re reacting to the wrong problem.”
“Eating 3 meals a day helps your body become a more regular fat burner. Stabilizes blood sugar, so you don’t crave coffee and sugar all the time.”
When asked why we should lost excess weight, “We lose weight to connect with our more subtle layers in the body. It allows us to connect with our more true, happy, contented selves.”

Whew! A great conference so far. Yoga Journal does a great job of bringing great information and teachers together. The YMCA of the Rockies is the perfect venue, we eat together in a cafeteria, befriending yogis is the norm, hike to get to different classes, bond with Elk and Deer and Double Rainbows! Magical. I am so blessed and thankful to be here.

PS. They served nacho cheese at lunch. Just though you should know.

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